Licence Optimisation

Is your organisation at risk of hefty fines due to software licence discrepancies? Are you paying more that you should for licences you are not using?

Software licensing is a very important area of effective IT management, but is often overlooked by busy IT departments. We often find that these departments do not have the resources to effectively and proactively monitor and manage the usage of licences within the business to ensure optimal value for money. 

There are many situations where accounts for employees who no longer work for the organisation are not quickly terminated, or profiles for short term projects remain active long after the project has been completed, all this at a cost to the company. When creating user accounts and access privileges for new employees, often the settings are copied over from existing profiles for expediency, which could result in the account having higher or lower permissions than that role requires. 

Many organisations will wait for the software vendor to identify the discrepancies on their behalf, however this can result in costly errors, the main ones being, paying for too many licences, or not paying for enough, and getting a fine. Using too many copies of an application can result in a fine if it is found during an audit by the vendor, and this can also cause reputational damage.

As a service, we offer the optimisation of licensing of the IT infrastructure. Our impartial licence optimisation audit allows us to identify how many licences, and of what type, you need in your organisation. This means the end result will be that you will be paying for exactly what you need, and the risk of fines from over-usage will be reduced. As well as this, we will also provide support and advice to your current IT team, for the best practice methods of monitoring and maintaining procedures between audits, in regards to licences.

QVH Case Study

Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) is a specialist NHS hospital in East Grinstead, employing over 900 staff, and responsible for the healthcare needs of 7,600 people across Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

MTW Case Study

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is a large acute hospital providing a full range of general hospital services and specialist complex care to around 560,000 people in Kent and Sussex.

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