It is sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that IT systems, software and infrastructure are tools designed to enable business operations, and to drive efficiencies, productivity and service delivery. They provide the framework on which private enterprise can build process, procedure and ultimately profit, and yet too often are the source of user frustration, unnecessary technical complication and significant cost.

We firmly believe that IT should work for your business, not against it. Whether you have less than 50 users or 100+, we will invest time and resource to understanding not just your current IT infrastructure, but also potential future needs to support operational growth and business development. If you have an in-house IT team, we will collaborate with them, complementing their inherent knowledge with our diverse and objective experience. If you have no in-house resource, we will operate as if a member of your own team, so that when an end-user has an issue with their PC or mobile device, they simply “Dial IT”.

Technology should be more than a means to an end. If your IT provision represents a cost to your business rather than an investment in your future, a source of frustration rather than a tool for service delivery excellence, we can help. Our entry level package offers a risk-free, low-cost way to immediately safeguard your data and provides access to 24/7 remote support 365 days of the year, while our solutions for larger organisations provide all of the benefits of your own in-house IT team with none of the associated employment costs or overheads.

How We Can Help…

Infrastructure support

and management, to maximise system and hardware performance and longevity, and optimise user experience and productivity

Fast response

in the event of an issue - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Cost effective and pragmatic solutions

for businesses of all sizes - we won't oversell to you, but instead will work within your operational and budgetary constraints wherever practicable

Cyber security audits

training and strategic consultancy to reduce potential vulnerabilities, organisational downtime and the opportunity for breach or loss of personally-identifiable or business critical data

Seamless email migration

to NHS Mail or other hosted solutions (including Office 365) with zero data loss or business interruption

GDPR audits

and compliance guidance to help you avoid fines for data breach which could total 4% of your turnover

Impartial, objective and pragmatic consultancy

to help you determine and hone your short and longer-term IT strategies to achieve scalable, agile solutions within organisational constraints

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