MacOS Mojave: Everything you need to know!

At CTO Technologies we use a blend of Windows and Apple products to undertake our work. We see there are advantages and disadvantages to both products and utilise them to their strengths. We are both ready and prepared to migrate to Windows 10 but we are also getting ready to prepare ourselves for the upcoming release of MacOS Mojave.

After a run of mountain themes Apple have moved southward to the Golden States famed desert. Mojave as it is known has been available as a public beta release for a while but will have been released by the time you have read this.

This release will introduce lots of new features, a new dark mode which Apple has been asked to produce for a while, and we will also see some of our favourite iOS apps now taking their place in the new operating system. One of the features that have really interested us is the enhanced security that Apple is now employing to protect its users from being tracked on the web.

We have produced a small list of some of our favourite updates:

  1. Security Improvements – Security has been a hot topic during 2018 and Apple have made sure to touch upon that with their latest MacOS release. What they are aiming to achieve is to make all Apple products appear the same as any other when they are browsing the internet to reduce the ability to track. They are also increasing the security of Safari so that you can no longer be stalked by those adds that follow you around just because you looked at a new jumper that one time.
  2. iOS Apps – Craig Federighi strongly denied that the operating systems would merge saying that Apple loved MacOS and wanted to keep it running alongside their other mainstream iOS. Instead what Federighi said is that Apple would make it easier to port iOS apps across to MacOS to further enhance and create a cross platform layered approach. What we will see coming to Mojave is News, Voice Memos and Home, and also Stocks but I can’t say I have ever used it.
  3. Continuity Camera – This is a great feature. This will allow you to take a photo with your iPhone or scan a document and have it appear straight away on your Mac for access and editing. We use our iPhones a lot at CTO Technologies to take pictures of white boards and scan documents so we anticipate this feature will be used a lot.
  4. Dark Mode – With MacOS Mojave, you can now put the entirety of your desktop into darkness which is really cool. This means all your apps go dark as well as the top and bottom menus.
  5. Stacks – This is for all the people who have a cluttered desktop with lots of different files just all over the place. Guess what, stacks will organise your life! It will put all of the files into – you guessed it – Stacks! You will be able to organise the different stacks by file type, date, tags and much more.

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