Major European health technology provider x-tention invests in UK health technology group

Today we announce a merger with leading health IT services group, x-tention. The below press release shares more information about what this means for our clients, the UK healthcare market and for us. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate contact us.

Major European health technology provider x-tention invests in UK health technology group

The Kent based health technology group incorporating Cloud21 and CTO Technologies who provide consultancy and products to the health and social care market has merged with one of Europe’s largest health IT service companies, the x-tention group, head quartered in Austria.

Cloud21 and CTO Technologies (incorporating Otlo) founded by Tony Corkett, support the successful digital transformation of health and social care.

Since 2009 health IT consultancy Cloud21 has worked with over 75 NHS organisations and international clients providing expertise and support throughout all stages of digital transformation programmes from co-developing strategy, managing procurement to implementation. At all stages the company supports its clients to deliver their technology needs as they take a step closer to realising the vision of interoperable systems.

In 2019 the company expanded its offerings to bring UiPath’s award winning automation technology to the NHS.

Established in 2015 CTO Technologies addresses the technical needs of the NHS, providing infrastructure and managed services. It was whilst supporting the NHS during WannaCry that the company recognised the need for more health specific security services and in 2019 Otlo was launched as a service focussed on protecting NHS infrastructure.

Tony Corkett, Founder said, “Whilst the partnership with x-tention is a significant milestone in the group’s history, it also marks a point for new capabilities available to UK health and social care organisations. x-tentions product range including Orchestra eHealth Suite and dedicated development and engineering resources can help us to support our mission of maximising the benefits that technology can deliver to the healthcare sector – needed now more than ever.”

x-tention provides consulting, software, implementation and operational solutions to over 900 healthcare organisations across Europe, the USA and Asia. In Austria the company has almost 100% Enterprise Service Bus market share, in Germany 45% and Switzerland 30%.

Corkett continues, “20 years ago I set out to transform the way technology is used in healthcare after experiencing the issues that affect healthcare staff and patients as a radiographer. Together with my colleagues we have strived to support the adoption of new technologies and use of information intelligently in healthcare to make a difference to staff and patients. Through a stronger financial platform, we are able to develop market specific healthcare IT solutions for the UK from one of the largest IT healthcare service providers in Europe.”

One of the largest hospital chains in Europe, Helios International, connects it’s 130 hospitals using x-tention’s integration engine, Orchestra eHealth Suite. The company has built the national health record for Austria for 8 million people and is now also building a national health record for 26 million German people.

Commenting on the deal, Benedikt Aichinger, Managing Director of x-tention Limited said, “This is one of the most significant milestones of x-tention’s history because the UK represents true international expansion. For UK health and social care organisations this partnership means they have access to extensive specialist health technology solutions and expertise from a European company that has proven that a national health information exchange is possible.”

Introducing our newest product: CyberCentral

Everyone here at CTO Technologies is excited to announce CyberCentral, a new Cyber Security product developed as a cost-effective way for organisations to increase visibility of their network, automate routine tasks, and highlight areas of the network most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

CyberCentral is a Cyber Security Platform that will scan IT networks to bring back information on the platforms and software products in use, analyse these against a large database of vulnerabilities, and highlight devices at risk of malware and cyber-attacks in a clear and visual way on a central dashboard. Users will then be able to run reports listing devices to target for remediation, or to show compliance, for example compliance with NHS Digital CareCERTs for healthcare organisations. Custom dashboards are continually being developed to enhance the relevancy and value of the information presented.

Knowledge is key

Mark Bishop, technical director at CTO Technologies, was recently interviewed by Digital Health for their special report on Cyber Security. For Mark knowledge is key, “It’s important that customers understand what their vulnerabilities are and make sure they are protected from the latest malware risks.”

To read all of what Mark and other industry experts have to say about Cyber Security in healthcare click here and to find out how CTO Technologies’ new product CyberCentral can help you manage and report on your readiness visit the CyberCentral website.

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